Wudang Sanfeng Sect 15th Generation Inheritor Master Chen Disciple Recruiting Ceremony

“Respect the teacher and follow the Dao; One generation passes the spirit of Sanfeng Sect to another generation.”

On the morning of November 21st, Master Chen’s disciple recruiting ceremony proceeds in the Sanfeng Temple, with a banner hanging above “Wudang Sanfeng Sect 15th Generation Inheritor Master Chen Shixing Disciple Recruiting Ceremony.”

At nine, all the disciples stand in two lines facing the Sanfeng Temple, waiting for the Opening Ceremony. Inspiring drum beats travel around the academy, and silence surrounds the solemn Sanfeng Temple. The statue of Zhang Sanfeng stands overlooking the new disciples.

People from various fields come and witness the disciples’ admittance into the Sanfeng Sect. President of Wudang Wushu Federation, president of Wudang Kungfu Association, predecessors of Wudang Wushu along with Master Chen’s thirteen Kungfu brothers attend the ceremony. There are more than one hundred students from China and abroad sharing the happiness.

The whole ceremony has lasted for three hours. It is the manifestation of traditional Daoist culture. First, Master Yuan lights the incense in the Sanfeng Temple. And then Master Chen’s first and second disciples welcome the master, worship Zhang Sanfeng and take the oath. Afterwards, Master Chen bestows on each disciple a Daoist name, a disciple certificate, a Wudang sword and a Fuchen. The procedure demonstrates the long-lasting glory of Wudang Sanfeng Sect and the old tradition of “Respect the teacher and follow the Dao”.

This is the first time that Master Chen Shixing recruits disciples since the establishment of the school. Master Chen has chosen fourty-nine excellent applicants carefully from more than one thousand applications. Some disciples are from Chongqing, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brazil, United States etc, and some of them have their own Kungfu schools in their local places. What a great day for them to realize their Wushu dream! Now they are the 16th generation inheritors of the Wudang Sanfeng Sect.“Inherit from Wudang; Spread Dao in the world; Bear Dao in the heart; Pass Dao from generation to generation.” This is Master Chen’s expectations for the 49 disciples.

Dao is one but the seeds are many Dao blossoming and bearing fruit Dao spreading to the world Dao is everywhere and forever 道唯一,种子千千万 道开花,结果 道传遍天下 道俯拾皆是,道是永恒

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