Meditation and Qi Gong

1-1 Master Class

  • 1 hour
  • 99 Australian dollars
  • Client's home/Online/Outside

Service Description

I am a 16th generation lineage holder of the San Feng Sect Daoist name 陈行资博 CHEN XING ZI BO. I have been qualified to teach the following courses internationally, spreading the message and philosophy of Daoist internal health disciplines under direct lineage of the Zhang San Feng sect in Wudang China. ​Ba Daun Jin Qi gong Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, the eight movements were created to focus on strengthening the bones and muscles, regulating respiration and qi circulation. Each of the 8 movements is related to different internal organs such as the liver, stomach, spleen and heart, and may be practiced in whole or in parts to focus on the prevention and treatment of medical problems. Yijin Jing Qi Gong Yijin Jing is known to be practiced by monks in the Shaolin Temple and is recognised by the Chinese Health Qi Gong Association. The word “Yi” means change or transform. The word “Jin” means muscle/sinew/tendons. And, the word “Jing” means sutra. The exercises have been shown to be very effective in boosting the recovery of injured muscles and tendons, especially in the areas of the neck, back and shoulders. The movements will stretch and strengthen muscles and sinews, improve posture and increase flexibility of the core body.

Cancellation Policy

If you are a NEW CLIENT, please complete the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire prior to your session: To cancel or reschedule, please contact 24 hrs in advance, otherwise you will be charged for that session. Packages are valid for a specified number of weeks. All sessions are to be completed within the timeframe. Packages may be placed on hold subject to agreement.

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