About Me

My vision is to make the ancient wisdom, skills and understanding of Daoist Masters accessible to you.


It has been my dream and life purpose to search out and learn the secrets of fitness, longevity and vitality from the ancient wise men, mystics and Daoist sages as a form of health and healing for the ailments of  modern living.


Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, the Daoist philosophy and services will help to guide you towards a life of balance, health and fitness, with vitality and vigour.


My unique understanding of not only physical strength conditioning, meditation, qi gong, taijiquan,and the myofascial meridians that make up  structural integration techniques, but the deep roots of Daoist philosphy, internal alchemy, Western hermetics have afforded me the ability to offer a vision of health and fitness that can be incorporated into your lifestyle and not just hourly visits to the gym. 


I have put years of  work in to discover exactly what drives us: a need for a deeper understanding of the union between mind, body and spirit; the aspiration to awaken the warrior in all of us, to truly thrive within the chaos of the modern world.


My dream is to be a guide for others and generations to come on how to live a happy and healthy life of purpose.

Education and Training

  • Exercise Teachers Academy College - Fitness Level 5 Personal Trainer and Mat Pilates -2008

  • China Wudang Kung Fu Academy - Wudang Instructor Certificate and Daoist Inheritor Certificate -2009, 2011-2013

  • Ong Massage School - Chinese Meridians Course, Thai Massage, Chi nei tsang Abdominal Massage and Stretch massage -2014

  • Anatomy Trains International - Anatomy Trains in Training -2017

  • Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function -2017

  • Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre, Cape Town, South Africa -1996-1999

  • Sanda Chinese Kick Boxing under famous masters Shi Yan Lei and Shi Yan Zi, Shaolin Temple, London -2001- 2004

  • Chen Tai Chi and ba daun jin qi gong under Quan jun liu -2005-2006

  • Shaolin International School, Shaolin Dengfeng China -2009

  • Chinnarach Muay Thai gym, Thailand -2019

  • Rattachai Muay Thai gym, Thailand -2019

  • Charnchai Muay Thai gym, Thailand -2019

My Philosophy

Daoist Fitness is a complete system of health care and fitness, combining the ancient Daoist philosophy of the east with modern sports science and understanding. With philosophy, meditation, qi gong, Taiji, and other internal practices, classes take on new life with focused mindful movements that served ancient Daoist masters in energizing and rejuvenating themselves for centuries in the mysterious mountains of Wudang.


The ancient and until recently, secretive methods of strengthening the internal energy of the body, developing flexibility, speed, strength and inner peace, form a complete system handed down through generations. Internal cultivation practices and fitness combine in classes and courses that first soften then strengthen the body from the inside out.


Zhang San Feng, the Daoist master who lived in the 14th to 16th century, found the Wudang Internal Arts Branch, and invented the famous Tai Chi Quan, which had a tremendous impact on martial arts, human health, and Daoist cultivation. Through the practise of Tai Chi Quan, practitioners could improve physical condition, the energy (qi) in the body, and obtain a calm centered state of mind, to experience inner tranquility and peace. The Zhang San Feng branch still exists with lineage today.


I am a qualified instructor of the Zhang San Feng sect and qualified to impart his knowledge and practices. My fitness philosophy is modelled after his Daoist studies, believing that fitness equilibrium must be found, building the body-mind connection with mindful exercise routines. I offer a holistic approach to centre and quiet the mind and body in focused movements that strengthen while maintaining balance, toning muscles and increasing flexibility. With the philosophy that one must stay soft and flexible to develop true strength that works and benefits the client.  The hard and strong will fall. The soft and flexibile will overcome.

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