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Strengthen the root, deepen the breath, and raise the spirit with the practice and philosophy of Daoist internal health disciplines with 16th generation Wudang disciple Nathan Sunderland in Sydney's Northern Beaches

Meet Nathan

I have been a practitioner of traditional Daoist qi gong, taiji and internal martial Arts for over two decades. My desire to broaden people's understanding of the health benefits and philosophy found in traditional chinese internal arts prompted me to extend my studies into Daoism and journey to China in search of the very best mentor.


In Mount Wudang, the spiritual home of Daoism and birthplace of taiji, there exists an ancient culture of health preservation passed down over centuries in pursuit of purification, illumination and ultimately immortality. It is a mecca for Daoist scholars, priests, masters and disciples who follow nature (Dao) refining themselves through their practice of ancient health preserving techniques, internal alchemy and martial arts, living in accordance with nature.

It is here, I was able to fully immerse myself in the Daoist lifestyle as an apprentice to famous Daoist Internal Martial arts Master, Chen Shi Xing, for three years.


My commitment to my studies was rewarded when I received my Instructor Diploma and  become a Disciple and 16th generation lineage holder of the San Feng Sect ordained with the Daoist name  陈行资博 CHEN XING ZI BO

Since graduating I have combined my years of experience in personal training and knowledge of Myofascial meridians in manual and movement therapy to offer a complete system of fitness and alternative health care.

My Specializations

Personal trainer and 16th generation inheritor of Wudang mountains San Feng sect. I have been qualified to teach the following courses internationally, spreading the message and philosophy of Daoist internal health disciplines under direct lineage of the Zhang San Feng sect in Wudang China.

What they Say

"Nathan is an absolutely amazing coach. He is patient and gentle, yet persistent and inspiring enough to bring out the best in his students. He has amazing skill and knowledge and imparts this in a way that is both fun and focussed. You feel safe when he leads you on a journey to discover the possibilities and capabilities of your body and mind."


 Actress Nicola Hanekom


"The flexible are preserved unbroken. The bent become straight. The empty are filled. The exhausted become renewed"

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